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Heart of Our Community

  • UTAH # 1 – Give Credit Where Credit Is Due!

    It seems like every week or so Utah wins another award for being a great place to live.  But these awards are just the tip of the iceberg.  In reality, what makes Utah great are the great people who live here. Click here to view the Heart of Our Community and follow us. Click below to follow us on social media. 

  • Alisha - Diversion - Posted August 25, 2016

    Alisha came to the Road Home looking for a place to stay. She and her two boys were living with her uncle while she worked on landing a job, an apartment, and personal independence for herself and her family. After a verbal altercation with her uncle, he asked her to leave for a couple of days. Alisha indicated she had nowhere else to turn, so she came to the shelter door. While talking with the diversion specialist, Alisha began to realize she had several housing options available to her. Click here to read more.

  • Mwembo - Real Food Rising - Posted August 22, 2016

    2015 summer crew worker Mwembo, a sixteen year old whose family came to Salt Lake as refugees, really struggled at first to take his job at Utah Community Action’s Real Food Rising seriously. He was often late, sometimes goofing off as peers in his crew were working hard in the hot summer sun. He struggled to listen and understand instructions and expectations. He earned a lot of violations in the shared standards everyone had agreed to as part of the job and was close to getting fired a few times throughout the summer. Click here to read more.

  • Michael – Housing Case Management - Posted August 18, 2016

    Michael had just left an abusive relationship and, as a result, was homeless. He did not have any family in Utah and was not in contact with most of his family across the country. He didn’t have anywhere to go so he tried to stay with friends who would allow him to stay with them a few days at a time. Running out of options, he eventually went in to the Family Justice Center and was linked up with Sam from the YWCA. Sam referred him to Utah Community Action (UCA). Click here to read more.

  • Utah Community Action - Posted August 4, 2016

    During August we will focus our attention on Utah Community Action, formerly known as Salt Lake Community Action Program, and share inspiring client success stories from six holistic programs: Early Head Start/Head Start, Nutrition, Adult Education, Weatherization, HEAT, and Case Management and Housing. Since 1965, SLCAP has served community members in the Salt Lake and Tooele Counties and are excited to look forward with new opportunities, a new name, service area expansion, and new partnerships – all with the end goal to provide high quality services for the most vulnerable and underserved members of our community. Click here to read more.

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